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Tracy Palmer

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Tracy D. Palmer is a community educator who has been trained in fields of business, social and dining etiquette by Sue Fox, the author of several books on the subject of etiquette and the owner of Etiquette Survival of Los Gatos, CA. Ms. Palmer began speaking to and training the public while working in the Social Services field. She has spoken to middle school, high school and college classes on the subject of domestic violence, communication, self-esteem and conflict resolution just to name a few. Ms. Palmer is in the process of writing an etiquette guide for the African American family. The basics of good manners has always been most effective by being taught in the home to young children and reiterated throughout the years.  Ms. Palmer believes that using the principal of business, social, dining and image etiquette in your daily life will be beneficial for the rest of your life. These skills will not only benefit you but those you love and with whom you come into contact. Being a person with good manners, style and class separates you from the ordinary-like a shiny penny.“I believe that everyone deserves the chance to shine.”- Tracy D. Palmer