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Doug Strawn

"The Power of Possibility" ... be successful beyond your wildest dreams


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  • Florida, United States
Doug Strawn is certainly a man of many talents. His extraordinary career began with a ten-year stint with the internationally acclaimed pop group, The Carpenters. From their garage band beginnings to the high-flying days of Lear jets and the Carpenters' White House performance, Doug's skilled vocal and orchestral abilities played a major role in the group's stunning success. In 1981, Doug joined the Disney group of companies where he rose to Director of Entertainment. In that role, he was responsible not only for the production of Disney Attractions events worldwide, but for such diverse projects as the development of a record company, Disney Magic Productions, and the half time show for Super Bowl XXIX. For three years, Doug provided the official voice of Donald Duck for Walt Disney Attractions. In the course of his career, Doug has addressed numerous Disney conferences and company meetings, and has lectured on the music industry to the faculties and students of a number of universities. Since leaving Disney in 1999, Doug has devoted himself to his speaking career. He resides in Florida with his wife and three children. Doug's involvement in the entertainment industry has prepared him with a unique perspective on creativity, motivation, and leadership. And this perspective goes to the heart of his presentations as he discusses the "Power of Possibility" that lies within each of us. MOST REQUESTED PROGRAMS: The Power of Possibility What if you could be anything you wanted to be and do anything you wanted to do? What if you could draw on your innate skills the things you're really good at and use them to be successful beyond your wildest dreams? Doug Strawn explores these options and more in his refreshing look at "The Power of Possibility."

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