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Richard Wilmot

Retired General - US Army; CEO; Author; World Traveler


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General Richard Wilmot comes from a varied and unusual career in both government and the private sector. Before retiring from the Army, General Wilmot, a Vietnam war veteran, held several key positions in the defense sector: as the Commanding General of the US Army Intelligence Center and School, the Director of Intelligence Systems in the Pentagon, and as a former Special Forces soldier. Currently, General Wilmot is the CEO of the Steele Foundation, one of the "Big Five" global risk management companies. Steele, with offices around the world, is on the front lines in the fight against terrorism today.

Having been in 106 countries, his life is replete with fabulous true adventures from around the world. For example, he traveled into Afghanistan and was an advisor to the Afghan rebels when they were fighting the Soviet Army in the mid-1980s. This foray alone has resulted in many interesting anecdotes, realizations, and a broad understanding of events from that time which are tied to the international terrorist situation we face today. To hear him masterfully weave together his experiences with the Afghan Rebels in the context of today's events is spell binding. In another "hair raising" operation, he successfully engineered the removal, unknown to the Russians, of twelve T-72 tanks from the inventory of the Soviet Army, which changed the fortunes of the ground war against Iraq during operation Desert Storm. This real life adventure is being documented in a soon-to-be-published book entitled, "Plausible Denial," which involves foreign governments, the KGB, the Pentagon, and a cast of sinister but interesting characters.

General Wilmot is a successful entrepreneur and today a powerful international businessman. He doesn't study and write theories about leadership; he practices leadership in tense areas of the world and in crisis situations where leading has no room for error. He is a motivator, strategic planner, doer, and a man with unbelievable and engaging stories about his adventures from around the world.

A graduate of Michigan State University, the US Army War College, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, the Command and General Staff College, and having studied at Oxford, General Wilmot will more than entertain an audience. He will provide instructive ideas, useful opinions, insights, and concepts from the world of international business, politics, government, crisis management, leadership, and security. He will also motivate and move the audience along to higher levels of inspiration, loyalty, productivity, and business skills.

Leadership by Example ... Developing the Leader Within
This entertaining and thought-provoking speech has universal appeal for business professionals at every level. Richard uses humor and inspirational insights to evaluate the lofty high points and the pitfalls of leadership. This popular program emphasizes personal responsibility, listening to the "voice within," and the type of leadership needed in a fast-paced global marketplace. This presentation is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, be challenged to bring to life your innate leadership skills to become a more effective leader.

The Keys to Successful Team Building
This important topic is viewed from a new perspective which emphasizes the end product ... team output. It's a powerful talk that describes the difficulties of successful team building within a corporation or in government. Team building is vital today for business professionals at every level. Learn how to improve output; Develop a harmonious team; Overcome ego problems; Blend personalities; Promote flow of opinions; Eliminate person agendas; Establish shared visions; and Set attainable goals

The State of the World Today
Richard addresses some of the most important challenges facing our world today. Hear about leadership styles and miraculous leadership accomplishments. Discover where you fit into the larger world picture. In these complex times, what are the key questions to be asked? And most importantly, what keep us from discovering the answers?