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Brad Bradford


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As a former successful college football coach and recruiting coordinator, Brad delivers inspirational and down-home southern humor through his life experiences. Groups are GUARANTEED to be entertained and inspired by his client focused speeches to achieve excellence in "The Game of Life."Brad Bradford grew up in a small town in Alabama and received his P.H.D.(Poor.Hungry.Determined.) degree in the "Game of Life." Drawing from his life story, Brad captures the imagination of audiences with plenty of challenges and skills to overcome adversity. He does NOT TELL FUNNY STORIES; he TELLS STORIES FUNNY!POPULAR PROGRAMS AND TALKS: Inspiration:"I Saw the Light." This amazing story tells of his eye injury with a 20 penny nail at 9 years of age. Not sure about blindness makes you think long and hard."You're Fired." Getting fired for doing a GOOD job hurts just as bad. These are still the BEST 2 words you can hear. Learn why."It's Malignant." Dealing with cancer changes your priorities. W.D.D.I.M. (What difference does it make?) Set daily goals. Southern Humor:"Hang In There Like A Hair In A Biscuit." Sometimes, giving up just doesn't enter your mind. What would you do in this case?"Sugar In Cornbread? That's Called Cake." Growing up in the South, so much of our culture revolves around food. If it aint cooked in lard, throw it out."How's Momma n Em?" The funniest stories come from family life. Most groups can identify with this talk. Does your family have an Uncle Claude and Aunt Zelma? Athletics/Sports:"Recruiting Stories." Learn the techniques that successful football coaches use that you can use in your business. Finding that "Hot Button" is the key."Locker Room Talks." Experience a typical pre-game speech. Funny and inspiring at the same time. This will benefit team building programs."Faith. Family. Friends. Football." The 4 F's in the correct order. Great analogies.

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